June 10, 2013

Weekend Pics

We took the boys to the downtown public library here in Salt Lake.  

The kids section is unbelievable. They have mini leather couches around every corner and nook. And speaking of nooks, they have really awesome "themed" nooks for the kids to grab their books and read in like the attic and ice castle seen below.
Great idea for a children's reading room in our house one day. 
Jett was in heaven with all the books.
Gorgeous. So modern and bright.
We signed up for the summer reading program and got to put our names on an ant and join the colony
(Excuse the pregnant mess)
More outside cave nooks
Jett hasn't quite grasped the "inside voice"yet.
We also stopped on by Trolley Square Mall for me to grab a quick Fathers Day some'n some'n and decided to grab a little treat as well.
These caramel apples were freakin delicious 
I love his costumes and outside play time. I will forever love those blue boots.
We also spent a day at a community pool that was shockingly not overcrowded. The boys swam for a couple of hours having the time of their lives. I actually participated in the water fun instead of being a pregnant spectator. 
(I'm sad I didn't take my camera, but the heat and water made me nervous. Next time...)
Later we went to Grandma and Grandpa Leung's for a quick hello and some grub and fresh flowers. It was such a good day. 
It wouldn't be a post from me without fresh cut flowers. They smell as good as they look.

*Bright and early is the ultrasound......stay tuned :)


  1. We are definitely signing up for the reading program this week! Let's plan a time to meet up at storytime!
    Jane says, Those flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for sending me a picture of them. (Obvi she thinks this is an email) haha

    1. Yes, you get your ants on the wall! It'll be fun. @Jane, those flowers WERE just for you and you are welcome :)