June 11, 2013

Boy or Girl

We experienced the long ultrasound where baby wouldn't quite cooperate and the cord seemed to be in every crotch shot. So the ultrasound tech went ahead and measured everything on our perfect little person and while doing so (after about 15 minutes) she says, "oh....this is a boy!"
And I can usually see it as soon as they do but this time it was completely unclear. And it completely caught us both off guard. "I was like do what now?"
Then she pointed it out more clearly and I was a little bit in shock. But this pregnancy has been so  different! How is that even possible?!


So the whole ride home I apologized profusely to that little boy in my belly for calling him a girl and thinking of fruity girl names. 
Of course we're insanely happy about our perfect little boy in there. Everything is as it should be.
The knowing is the best part.  


  1. Maybe his name is supposed to be unisex? Jamie? Pat? ;)

  2. I thought for sure that Carter was going to be a girl... We went in for our ultrasound and after what seemed like forever the tech finally said she couldn't tell because of the cord and told us to come back in a week. When we did, she started to type on the computer screen "I'm a girl" and I started to scream and then she said "oh wait I typed the wrong thing." It was suppose to say "I'm a boy" Oh I started sobbing! I couldn't help myself. I thought for sure it was a girl. Any who, Carter came out a boy and it's been great (at least most of the time) lol! BUT... You should for sure give this baby making thing one more try:) Four could be the lucky number! Just Sayin!
    Congrats though!!! We are very happy for you guys!

    1. Hahaha I had a good cry the next day, I couldn't help myself. I feel so guilty ever feeling anything but complete elation for having a baby period. I'm completely ok with not having a girl, but the only explanation for having such different symptoms would be a girl. I was fooled by my own body!
      P.S. this will DEFINITELY be our last baby. 3's lucky in Chinese :)
      P.S.S. That ultrasound tech should be fired!

  3. We were told Sarah was a boy and it was only 2 weeks before she was born that we found out she was a girl.....