June 12, 2013

Thrifty Thrifty

My friend Amy said it perfectly, "A boy, but barely"

I'm freakin in love with this thing! A 1940's painting still in old frame and glass.
Jett points to it and says "boy!"
I think it's a boy but a few have referred to this lad as a girl.
 I would love a vote. What do you think...Boy or Girl? I'm dead serious...there's money on this.
Fleece Navajo baby blanket
Vintage book swoon
A new wire rack, fabric ball, vintage sheets and an orange sheep pelt wtf?! 
I tried bleaching that thing. That 70's orange is there to stay. 
Maybe I can dye it brown or anything other than.....orange. It was $4. Totally worth the risk.
I got this vintage apron back at an estate sale awhile ago, totally forgot about it. 
But that canister is new (to me) and about as awesome as you get. 
Another sheep skin I got for like $9! Insanity. This thing's old school too. I don't think the picture does it justice. Jordan thinks it looks like a skinned dog. The vision is not clear for him.
Wooden apples for the boys kitchen
Because I was pretty much leaning towards a girl.
A vintage sifter for the boys kitchen
Mini red kitchen trays. The only thing that would make these more perfect is if they were mint green or peach.
Vintage wooden bowls for the boys kitchen and more vintage sheets
And a kick ass wooden and brass farm roller coaster wooden spectacular. 
Look at those little carved out animals and butterflies to slide around.
Vintage. Hand made. Freakin awesome.


  1. That last wooden toy is amazing!! And that is definitely a boy… with class ;)

  2. I say girl. Just a boyish looking girl.

    1. I'm not entirely certain Jordan didn't put you up to this....