June 17, 2013

Weekend Pics

Jett loves the water and little bridge in Grandpa Leung's backyard
Jett cranked on this boat wheel the entire ride. There was zero messin around.
Mommy used this umbrella the entire time and it saved my pregnant butt from the sun. 
Most of the time Jett and I hung out while Daddy and Jude rode big boy rides. 
He loves to people watch just like his mom and dad.
Jett was seriously excited about this train ride. 
All I can picture is Daddy screaming like a girl at the top of his lungs in this picture.
A great Father's Day weekend filled with a trip to Lagoon, homemade sushi and waffles, and visiting with family. I'm pooped.

1 comment:

  1. The expression on Jett's face on that train is PRICELESS. And Jude looks like a teenager in that last shot! wah.