August 6, 2013

More Goodbyes

We have family moving far, far away and were able to spend the weekend as a family saying good bye. We camped in our backyard and went for an early afternoon hike. 
It also happened to be mine and Jordan's 3 year anniversary. 
I'll tell ya, there's a lot going on these days. Some big changes happening.
Aaron, Jenny, Jane and Nora....we're gonna miss you like crazy!
In all my pregnant glory
This kid was loving some splashin in the water
although Jude felt so sick, he was a pretty good trooper to hike with us.
Jett wears his socks just like Grandpa Chily
Flowers for mommy. The sweetest thing ever.
Love you Baby! Happy 3 year Anniversary!
Always a camera in hand
And now we're off on a jet plane to Florida for a much needed and anticipated vacation and visit with family. 


  1. Love these, captured the weekend together so well! ❤

  2. I love this family!!! So happy that we're all so close!! Love love love!!! Thanks for making such cute spawn, everyone! ^^