August 5, 2013

One of The Hardest Goodbyes Ever

We had to put our dog Bearin down on Thursday. I thought I had fully prepared myself for how sad I would be and how much I would miss him. I felt completely unprepared for how overwhelmingly sad it actually was. It was almost more than I could bare. It was by far one of the most painful things I've ever had to do. I had Bearin for a good 10 years. He was with me through so many hard times.
I loved that dog so much. 

We had our family pictures done in Orem about a year ago and many of them included Bearin.
 Im so happy about that. 
A very tearful good bye before we headed to the vets office
I love his grey hair around his mouth

After a few days of our family preparing to lose Bearin, we fed him a cheeseburger and some Krispy Kreme's, took him for a walk as a family and Jordan and I headed to the Vet's office. I was an absolute wreck. I tried to keep it together long enough for him to have a peaceful and happy goodbye but it was completely useless, I was a sobbing pregnant mess. Death is a very strange and powerful thing. I'm so happy I was able to have such a wonderful loving dog. He will be our last family pet for a very, very long time. Possibly forever. I'm not sure I could ever go through this again.
We will miss you so much Bearin. May you have a doggy heaven filled with snow, walks, lots of food  with zero weight gain, ear scratchin, and lots and lots of doggie friends to play with. 
We will never, ever forget you. My shedding Yeti. 

Jude as a baby with Bearin
Jude and Bearin in the back of my bug
A daily thing for us, riding around doing errands with the dog.
Bearin looks terrified here. He was extremely tolerant of kids
Jude loved dressing Bearin up and Bearin would always allow him to.
Bearin has always loved the snow. Eating it and flipping it up in the air, running in circles.
Jude and Bearin in a huge West Virginian snow storm
A day at the park with bearin
Bearin was Jude's bud every day
Camp outs in the backyard
Camping trip with Bearin stuffed in beside the kids
Hiking with Bearin in Utah
Cutting down our Xmas tree
Bearin was lovingly the kid's pillow most of the time
Our walks up to the school to pick up Jude after school. The highlight of Bearins day
Always looking out the window checking things out
Enjoying his snow time
Eating and flipping snow


  1. What a wonderful tribute and memory of your great friend. I'm so sorry you had to lose him. I believe that we will be reunited with all our loved ones and that belief helps me endure the pain that will fade with time. The good memories will never fade and I'm so glad for that. Best wishes to you and your family.
    Mike Hodgson

    1. Very eloquently put Mike, thank you so much.

  2. I am just reading this, teared me up. What a sweet big bear he was. Family pets will always be family and stay close to your heart. Love you Bearin! ❤❤❤