August 19, 2013

The Last Little Bit Of Florida

Florida is not complete without two things
1) Joe Patti's Seafood
2) NAS Museum
One of the best things about Florida is the fresh seafood for sure!

The NAS Museum is cool but I don't think it wows me quite like it does the boys in my life.
 I try to imagine it like the worlds largest thrift store and then I think I understand how it must feel for them to be able to sit in cockpits and oogle over planes.
It was a wonderful trip as usual. And despite my worries the flights home were a breeze. It feels really good to be back home and on our usual schedule of naps and snacks. 
I do believe I made myself sick of junk food while there. 
We're officially moving this week so it is game time. Between Midwife appointments, registering for school, preparing for another yard sale (don't ask) and packing up the last bit of my kitchen it is going to be crazy busy. I'm hoping it'll make the last bit of this pregnancy fly by like the rest of it. 
 I'm pretty big and miserable.
Here's to a new house, new baby and a new season right around the corner!
Time sure do fly


  1. LOVED ALL THESE PICTURES I especially love the one of all the guys sitting on the dock. That is how it is there in Florida, so relaxing and just a great way to start and end the day. There is nothing like the feeling of being there and just enjoying that place.

    1. Thank you. And exactly. It was such a great relaxing vacation. Florida is always great.

  2. Girl. Your photo skills are killing it! Loving them. Also guys + machines? Don't get it either. I love the thrift store analogy though, so great! We need to chat soon. I'm usually anti talk on the phone (strictly for Instagram + texting -ha!) but I'm thinking I need to get over that phobia. I miss you.

    1. Awww thank you Jen! There's obviously still a lot of improvements to be made, but I'm getting there. I promise we'll chat soon. PROMISE. And I have the same rule about phone conversation. We'll overcome it together cause I miss you like crazy. Who else will I talk about all my hippiness and cloth diaper dilemmas with?!