September 6, 2013

Stress Thrifting

To say this has been a stressful, busy few weeks is the understatement of the year. From just being big and miserable and pregnant to unpacking and trying to get my house situated after the move (especially before the baby comes), to commuting up to Provo every other week for our step parent adoption with Jude (the most stressful part of it hands down) has just been the crazy kind of go go go! I'm much more of a homebody, lets sew and chill in my PJ's kind of girl. So this kind of hustling is killing me!
But there's been the wonderful (getting to meet up with our Doula for the birth, I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT/HER!) along with the bad and in between it all, I have found some time to sneak in some stress thrifting. It's amazing to me how a few bucks at the thrift store can bring me so much happiness. 
And it's been forever since I've shared my thrift finds so it's about time, right? Right!
Some are new and some I've had for a few weeks. But all I love. 
Jett is sportin all of the awesome PJ sets I seem to find. 

Great little mid century stool. I'm a complete sucker for anything with these legs.
This tin box is quite possibly one of my favorite finds ever. Do I say that a lot? Well I'm SERIOUS. Freaking l.o.v.e. this thing!
Would these be considered mercury glass? I don't know, but I love it. It's got such an old school flapper feel to me. The glasses are going on my bar and the little jar I use for my cotton rounds. 
Another little piece of furniture heaven with those tapered legs, this tiny little bookshelf. I'm also such a sucker for some milk glass and vintage baking tins. The details on these tins are what I love so much about em.
And this fabric....drool! I actually found a couple of bunches of it and shared some with a friend I've met through thrifting/yard sale-ing. I'm sure she'll do amazing things with it. I still haven't decided what to do with mine, but I just love looking at it for now.
I got these for Jude and he loves them. Jett wants to destroy them with his little (soon to be) 2 year old hands. Destroy them with love.
Great little set of blocks for a buck. 
And some city building blocks. How cute are these?! Another buck.'re dollar menu can't touch my dollar DI finds (as I hum "I'm lovin it")
I found the mother load of vintage books and these were my favorite little bundle. I'll have to share the others later, it was too much work to dig them all out, but I found some really cute ones. 
tapered legs. one dollar. right? 
It's looking like I'm nearing the end of organizing/settling in to our new home. I'm loving the change. Jude has started school and has a wonderful teacher. Seriously, I love her. And his bus picks him up and drops him off right in front of our house. Huge bonus for a mama who's about to spit a baby out.

I'm excited to share the new space and get back to sharing what we've been up to. 
Be back soon!


  1. Miss you like crazy! Love your blog and I love that Jordan posts a link so its easy viewing!

    1. Miss you too! How have you been?! Yes, Jordan keeps the facebook peeps in the loop :)

  2. Love these finds! I saw that little bookshelf in a pic you sent and I knew I hadn't seen it before!! Love.

    1. :) I honestly forget what's new. I have to walk around and take inventory.