September 24, 2013

Our Last Few Weeks

We had dinner (which was incredible) with some friends at their new house in Ogden. Their yard and view was absolutely amazing. The boys had such a good time running around playing football and eating fresh apples from the trees. It makes me long to live in a much more rural area. Maybe it's the southern girl in me, but it just feels like home. 

The grass really is that green. The mountains really are that pink. The sky really is that blue. 
Utah is a beautiful state.
More fun was had with a bare room and just the beds than all the toys in the world. Jude in his whitey tighties and Jett in his handmade woolies, squealing and having a great time jumping on the bed.
This kid is looking so grown up.
The last swim of the season
It's really sweet how he pulls up his stool and watches me cook. 
 This kid has got one hell of a sweet tooth. 
This face cracks me up. "Who me?"
In his own little world humming a tune.

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