September 25, 2013

Alexander...You Naughty, Naughty, Horse

One of my favorite thrifted books. 

The story is so cute and these illustrations (look at that fruit striped gum horse!) make me mentally skip all the way to the check out.
In a nut shell: 
The little boy named Chris is getting tucked in for bed by his dad and he relates how bad his horse had been all day. After hearing all of the bad deeds his father simply asks "What shall we do with this bad horse?" Chris's solution is quite harsh while the dad lights a pipe and forgives this naughty horse dismissing his naughtiness to just "having a bad day" not being a "bad horse" 
Of course the horse is Chris and he sleeps soundly knowing he has his father's unconditional love.
Seriously cute.
I may or may not have cried while reading this. Jude has come to expect my tears each night at our bed time routine of reading books. He gets quite a thrill seeing his mom cry over the silliest things. Laughing and shaking his head saying "'re just pregnant" 
Smart kid that Jude

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