September 26, 2013

Second Hand Saturday

On a Thursday. I would seriously do this every single day if I could. I have got to find a way to make this a j.o.b.
Vintage silk blanket with some crazy retro fabric on the reverse side. It needs a little repairing but I think it's awesome. Obviously.

Brand. Spankin. New. Minnetonka Mocs. In my size. Practically free.
That is all
Vintage puppy pull toy. Jett loves it. I love it. All is right in the world. 
I wasted no time adding my left over wooden balls on the string. I'm still in love with that idea from this little post.
And those sheets that the perfect little vintage puppy is sitting on are vintage as well. And they are equally perfect. Not a stain or tear to be found. And although I couldn't quite pick up the color, they have the slightest hint of buttercup yellow. They're beautiful. And they are mine.
 I need another suitcase like I need a hole in the head. But when they're in such great shape and have such a unique shape with perfect little brass just has to come home with me. 
More vintage books. They're all divine.
Embroidery? I'm not even sure. That's not in my realm of crafty. But I really love these.
More wooden toys for Jett and a great basket to hold them all
100% Wool Rug ( I guess could be a blanket as well, esp for outside) from Chile
Seriously, this lion...Unbelievable. So bad it's good? I don't know. It just is. Frame will be painted.
A bag of animal toys has never made two boys so happy. 
Llama Llama Sweater. And that's exactly what Jett calls it referring to his llama llama books.
My first Paint By Number score from thrifting. Frame will also be painted. Totally worth $2
Because I'm a hoarder of tins. 

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