October 2, 2013

Yay...The Holidays!!

We busted out the Halloween bins full of decorations and goodies this past weekend! It was almost October 1st. Being in my last few weeks of pregnancy I'm seizing the moments when they come. If I feel like doing it, I jump on it. Other wise I'm asleep or asking Jordan to rub my feet.
We actually got the majority of our decorations from the dollar store. Our spider, rat, and owl cut outs were all in packets of 15, well worth a buck. My wolfman is from the dollar store last year.
This year we made him a little hipster with his big black glasses.
So I haven't bought any pumpkins or gourds yet, but I did swipe some warty, overly ripe, squash from my mom's garden. Freeeeee
I like to washi tape my light switches. I'm weird.
I love the bug or rat silhouettes in the lamp shades.
 I could never decorate like this if I still lived in the south, with bugs on the walls and in lamps. I would scream every time I turned on a light, thinking it was a roach. Because I fully expect to see them there. Every where. All the time. 
It's kind of hard to see the zombies in the picture but it's pretty much awesome. There's a local artist who takes cheesy hotel art and paints really cool stuff in it like...zombies and aliens. 
It's pretty ingenious. 
I also love putting all of the Holiday books out where we can see all of them on our picture ledge. The kids get to choose one each night for bedtime. We're getting quite the collection thanks to thrifting.
This kid had a blast going through all of our Halloween bags. 
Good times. I'm pretty excited the Holidays are among us. Lots of great things to look forward too. Including cooler weather. These hot flashes are about to kill me and freeze my family.
I even managed to make my seasonal pumpkin, cinnamon & sugar doughnuts (recipe here)
This week...we're gonna tackle caramel and candied apples. I have had a serious craving for those lately!


  1. Wow looking at all this I am in awe of your ability. So great....

    1. Well thank you very much, you're very sweet :)

  2. I'm just wondering if there is anything you can't do?!?!? You are so creative! Love it! Happy Halloween:)

    1. Ha! Plenty! Thank you so much. Happy Halloween to y'all!