January 20, 2014


My mom actually found this colander at a thrift store and I loved it, so she hooked up her favorite daughter up! (sorry Jennifer) 
mini leather purse
In love with these books. Got them so cheap. Complete score
Tiny little hand made sweater. Soft and sweet
I love all of these together, I just can't stop buying them
 bird puppet and vintage farmer piano toy
These are the sweet little vintage toys I got from a lady with a huge collection. 
These are also the ones I got for Jett for Xmas and he found them in my closet a tad earlier than Xmas. 
Stinker. Butt.
Vintage recipe box with Vintage jam jar


  1. Always the best finds! Those three cute books are the books we've read together this winter (plus Nurse Matilda). We are just finishing up Little Women and have to go back to Black Beauty, we stopped just as we started. So I guess we've only read one of the three.. ;) I love that Jane loves to sit and listen to longer books nowadays, helpful too since we can't go outside!

    1. Different stages definitely have different pros and cons. I love it when they sit and listen too. With Jude it's sometimes a battle but Jett is always a willing participant. I can't wait to start some series with him. If you're ever in the market for some vintage classics, let me know. I know a guy (in my best new york accent ;)