March 3, 2014


Most of these are hardly new photos...cause seriously, it's been forever.
What we've been up to....
 a mini stay in St. George with some friends, a vasectomy, started homeschooling/unschooling, battled colds, winter blues, and postpartum hair loss (yes. it's a thing. it's worse than labor.) visited the planetarium, flown helicopters in the house, tried some family photo shoots, prepared for piano lessons and baseball season, tweaked our diet for a wheat allergy, rearranged our house at least 3 more times, bought yet another couch (it doesn't stink) celebrated Jude's 8th birthday, planned our trip to Florida this summer and have gotten serious about some weight loss. 
Oliver is now 4 months old people. This means business. 
I blame it on the winter. I've got a kettlebell with my name all over it. 

I can't be the only one who's struggled with winter this year, am I? It's been so hard.
Is it my age? Has it really been harder than every other year?

I don't know. 

But it's been down right unbearable at times. I'm sure having a new baby (and new baby body that goes with it) has added to my winter blues.

And don't get me wrong. I love Utah.
Just not in the Winter.
I love the snow. Especially the first few of the season. It's the inversion and grey, life-less days that suck the happiness right out of me.

But thank goodness it's finally on it's way out. We had some teaser weather last week that snapped me right out of whatever winter funk I was in for months. I felt an immediate surge of energy and happiness.

Sunshine, you some powerful stuff.

Now for some race training, green smoothies, and gardening.
My favorite time of year is right around the corner.
Thank. The. Lord.


  1. It's not just you, I'm so sick of winter, we have had 3 good snows this year and I AM DONE! The kids are out today, is there snow? No, great part of homeschooling is we have school anyway. Those boys are precious and I have been struggling too, took a whole week an no running I am killing it this week with the smoothies and runs to, so never fear I am right there with ya!

    1. I've heard from so many people that this winter has been so bad. I wonder what it is? Thanks for the reassurance, seriously. It's easy to feel alone, ya know? But now that the weather is nice and I'm feeling back to normal, I am so incredibly happy for the change. Yay for green smoothies and running!

  2. I think everyone feels that way about the winter. We got our hopes up on Saturday and then it snowed again this morning. :( But, great goals and I'm sure you'll get your body back in no time! Cute boys too! :)

    1. I guess because I didn't used to feel that way about winter is why it's been so hard. I feel like it blind sided me this year.
      The just never know here, huh?!
      I'm always so anxious to get back in shape. With every kid it gets harder. Blink. Blink.
      My boys are a mess, thank you. I always think of you when Jett's birthday rolls around. Not many people can say they labored on the same the same room practically hahaha! Hope your boy is doing well.

  3. You should thank your lucky stars you didn't experience this Michigan winter! Seriously brutal. We still have 3+ ft of son out front and I have a feeling it's not going anywhere with below 20 degree weather.

    1. Ughhh I am so sorry. How ARE you doing it?! I hope by now you're seeing some beautiful weather. We sure miss you around here!

  4. snow, not son..

    love these pics and updates!

    1. I knew wutch you was sayin. Thanks. Hugs n Kisses