April 7, 2014

Three Boys In One Room

It's amazing what two little small plants can add to a room. 

The Reading Chair. Every night before bed and after the helicopter is flown, they snuggle up in their bunks and I read from my buttercup chair. This chair will forever be that for me.
We moved the diaper station out in the hallway. Unforeseen bonus.... diaper changing no longer interrupts nap times.

Three Boys In One Room sounds like an Alaskan Reality show. Ha. Just a thought.

I love to share pics from the different houses we live in because  a) I like to document each space for me and the boys to look back on and b) it's one of my favorite things to look through on blogs and pinterest. I love seeing how people make use of their space. 

Again, this is a temporary space for us,  which makes it a little more challenging. It's also a much smaller space than we're used to which on the bright side will  make our future homes look enormous, but trying to get everything to fit and flow well is not that easy. Which is why I move my furniture and doodads around at least twice a month. Or more accurately I move the furniture twice a month and my doodads get moved daily. hell hourly. I'm not exaggerating either. I am constantly rearranging.
 I love change and I just want to see if there's a better way. There has got to be a name for this. I know I'm not the only woman who does this. 

So I shuffle. 

I'm a shuffler.

 So you may be able to notice slight changes in each photo. 
....trying to straighten the boys room and keep them from wrecking it all week long, just long enough for me to take some pictures, was a full time job. 

When I look at the pictures of their room I think, man...we have a lot of stuff. And then I realized today that it's three boys in one room. Then it seems very minimal to me. And I justify thrifting again.

Then I dream build my gorgeous, spacious, brightly lit house of the not so distant future and blink slowly. 


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    1. Hahaha Well Thanks! And almost EVERYTHING in their room (and my house) is thrifted! Crazy right?! So we need to get on that, I'll show you my favorite places ;)