April 2, 2014


Where The Wild Things Are dolls
all of them for $9
vintage metal, turquoise trays $1 each
vintage recipe box .50
German vintage fire truck .25
(you read that correctly 25 cents!)
Seriously cute illustrations in this set of vintage How We...books $1 each
How We Get Our Cloth
How We Get Our Mail
How We Travel On Water
How We Get Our Dairy Foods
stainless steel vintage beater with handle $1
vintage recipe box .50
I honestly have no idea what these are for however, that never stops me. That's part of the fun.
 Maybe cake toppers? They have a little hole in the top of their heads so maybe for candles? 
50 cents. cute. done.
Some serious 70's vibe in these books. Very cute illustrations. 50cents each
Another roller coaster bead toy 50 cents
I think they look great grouped together on top of the boys bookshelf. 
I'll be sharing their new space in our new home later this week. 


  1. OMG that was my most favorite book when I was young where or where did you find those where the wild things are?

    1. Of all places a consignment store! They had obviously never been used and were in perfect condition. It was a total score for sure ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! WHERE are you thrifting?!! I never find stuff this good! Can't wait to go with you!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hahaha well...no place secret that's for sure. But I do have my favorites. It's a rare day that I don't find anything when I go. It's so addicting!