August 15, 2014


sweet cheeks
The light in this new house is divine
Early morning chicken duties
Jude has been at his dad's for a whole month during the summer. It's been very strange without him here. We very much look forward to him coming home. Jett was down right giddy to see him during his short little visit. We all were.
Sooo many boxes to choose from. The first week we were unpacking, Jett spent most of his day outside in a box with crayons, popsicles and sidewalk chalk. 
I brought home some baby succulents in a damp paper towel and a zip lock bag from my dad's when we left Florida . Only three have survived the trip home and a move into our new house. They were a tad neglected during the hustle and bustle. I couldn't be more happy or proud with the 3 tiny miracles that made it despite my best efforts.
cowboy coffee. you can chew your last sip.
Camping at Mirror Lake with Grammy and Yeh Yeh
It was so great seeing family after so long. We miss them terribly. The kids had such a great time playing together and have talked so much about them since their visit. Jane has grown so much and is so sweet and so much more mature. Nora....Nora is a fire.cracker. Like unbelievable energy and spirit. I believe this picture captures her perfectly. She's actually a lot like a girl version of Jett.

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