July 18, 2012

What we've been up to...

summer is always go go go. lots of sprinkler action, popsicles, and afternoon naps.

we've been baking a lot lately. incorporating lots of veggies and fruit in our recipes. especially for little brothers sake. i'll have to share some of our favorite recipes we've come up with.

we recently invested in a juicer. i feel like every time i wash and dry it, i'm detailing my sports car. they're not cheap. but they're oh so worth it. jude and jett have been gulping down the vitamin packed drinks. it makes me so happy to see them eat so well. next investment is a blender. we're gonna live to be 220 years old.

daddy and jude had a campout in the backyard with smores on the grill. we're having lots of fun tending the garden and picking fresh fruits and veggies every morning.  and i've started training again for my half marathon. which means in this summer heat, getting up early in the morning to run. this will be my first race ever. and i'm excited. my mantra...if i can do natural child birth, i can do anything. we'll see.

some of my favorite pics from the last few weeks

hey baby, wanna check out my tent?

so proud of those 2 missing teeth

the only thing i can think when i see this picture is "this poop hurts"
i can read baby minds

snack yoga
it's all the rage

i promise i'll get back to making some hand made goodies. seriously, it's been forever!

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