January 15, 2013

Studio Tour

I like to have my books out and easily accesible for projects or quick inspiration
I'm on the hunt for old, unusual, chunky frames. 
I love being able to see all of my fabrics.

recycled books and magazines into gift tags
My embroidery thread on vintage spools with decoupaged ends
Love my lace collection. Finally going to use some for a valentines project
A thrifted chair I need to reupholster. Thank goodness for my sheepskins
I have a problem
This vintage tin makes me oh so happy. Would love to find more
I spray painted my wire bins different shades of metal: bronze, gold and silver
I keep about 5 baskets each filled with a different project for easy access and stowing away. Plus I can see what I have coming up that week at just a glance.
I have a great space in the basement at our new house for my studio. I've rearranged it at least 20 times.  In fact, I took two sets of photos with a little rearranging in between. I think this way is my favorite. Until the next time. 
I can't help myself. 

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