November 17, 2013


This is the first time I've ever seen one of these vintage glass jars with such detail. 
Needless to say, I'm in love.

I have been ogling these vintage cake tins on etsy for awhile now. 
Finally found one at DI (local thrift store)
Could not be happier
tiny milk glass perfection
Found a few more little vintage pie plates to add to my eclectic collection. 
I'm excited about using all of these during the holidays and all of the dessert eatin!
Found some vintage gilded champagne glasses. They match all of my other gilded pieces I've collected here and there. All together they look pretty sweet.

This Quilt! It's the same material as my favorite Anthropologie quilts.
 I don't know how I keep scoring these!
vintage fabric and a spool holder
Found a guy selling a whole lot of baskets for a $1 each! They're really sturdy too. They sure beat spending $16 a basket at ikea for organizing all of the boys blocks.
Basket for our wooden car collection
We found a new little striped wooden car on top there.
Tiny Lane table for the boys room
I love the little rack underneath
Lane Side Table
I'm so giddy over these!
Tiny Mid- Century Dresser for the boys room. 
I think this is gonna need a coat of paint and some vintage knobs.
Vintage Leather Computer Case 
My little laptop fits perfectly in this thing 
Notice the little "A" for Ardelle. It was meant to be
Basket/Tote with wooden knobs. Got it from the same guy I got the other baskets.
Italian leather clutch

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