December 2, 2013

Our First Thanksgiving At Home

We took a trip up to Kamas to cut down our xmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
Let me just say, it was bitter cold. 
$80 grocery store trees are $80 for a reason! 
Jordan is raising his glass to that, I promise you.
Hiking in the snow. 
Cutting it down. 
Dragging it back to the car. 
Yeah we're done. 
But it was beautiful. And those cookies were delicious (thanks mum). And we have a beautiful tree 
(that smelled like cat pee the first few days, have you ever in your life?!)
This is how most of the trip went. Jett cold and screaming. He was not giving up playing in the snow though, especially with his bulldozer. He was just pissed because his cheeks and hands hurt. But if I tried to take him back to the car to warm up, he would unleash the rainmaker (what we call his meltdown mode) on me. Yeah, we spent most of the time in the car anyways. Eating cookies, waiting for dad to come back with our cat peed tree. 
Jude had a fantastic time playing in the snow with his cousins. And look at that tooth he's missing. It's made him seem a little younger and I love it. 
Jude spent Thanksgiving at his dad's house this year. He was gone for 5 nights. It seemed like an eternity. I'm so glad this sweet boy is home. 
Decorating the tree isn't complete without a xmas movie playing. 
We decided to stay at our little house and have a simple, no stress, relaxed Thanksgiving this year. It's a lot of work getting everyone ready and out the door 
We woke up leisurely. 
We drank mimosa's.
 I cooked in between nursing and face-timing family. 
We had fantastic music playing while we kissed and danced in the kitchen. 
I let Jett help me make the pumpkin pie.
It was perfect. 
My house was a wreck, I wore Pj's with an apron and slippers, I winged the whole meal plan, and it was my favorite Thanksgiving to date.
Jett was here.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
To all of our friends and family, we love you and are indeed thankful for each and every one of you.

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