December 20, 2013

DIY Leather Mistletoe

I'm determined to use up all of my scraps I've been hoarding for the "perfect project". I have a huge bag full of really cool fabrics and leather that I hang on to because I know as soon as I get rid of it, I will think of the perfect thing to use it for. It's craziness. 

So my leather....I don't even remember what I saw that made me think of mistletoe but somehow this idea happened.  And I quite like it. It's so easy and cheap. Here we go.

I used a couple of different colors of green. I came across a bag of scrap leather at Michaels of all places. I think it was only $6. They also sell leather scraps on etsy or local leather shops. Not quite as cheap, but I digress.

All you need is a little mistletoe templet, scissors, leather, and some twine
Get yo kiss on!

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