December 21, 2013

These Days

He's graduated to front wearing
I love how it makes his lips and cheeks burst with rolls and bubbles

He's a mean dishwasher
There's so much water on the floor when he's done I just run a mop across it
Two chores in one
Parenthood, I'm doing it right
I really am in love with the fact that I have 3 boys
They are perfect
If only our other tree shed this little
Our Elf, Simon, is easily one of Jude's favorite things about Christmas. He has more fun looking for where he's hidden each morning and when he comes home from school. 
Kids make everything so much more fun.
The edible play dough
 I don't dare take a nibble after they've played with it and it's extracted every germ off their little hands.
 I like to think of it as an immune booster. This and licking toilet seats.
These boys have been helping more with dinner preparations lately
 They fight over the job to cut anything
Jett is having the time of his life teaching this yellow pepper a lesson with a butter knife.
Jude did a fine job on scrapping the "guts" out of this enormous butter nut squash
Side note: I've noticed they eat their dinner more easily and with pride when they've helped prepare it
The egg breakfast Jett makes me every morning and insist I eat it at least 6 to 10 times
He's got quite the imagination. It's one of my favorite things ever. 
He loves hearing what a wonderful Chef he is....and then insists I eat more of his eggs
This big boy loves to "get his hair done"
Jude looks so serious. I think he's in the zone while Katy's playing with his hair.
 He's looking so incredibly mature, it's killing me.

How in the world is Christmas less than a week away?!


  1. These pictures are amazing and I love the one with all the boys in it. Boys are so fun…as they grow they have a special love for their mom. They are precious. You are a amazing mom and they are so blessed to have you.

    1. Awww thank you so much. Boys are a lot of fun. Having three is just perfect.

  2. Three boys fits you perfect, love all the pic'

    1. Thank you dad :) I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't have it any other way!