December 22, 2013

Three New Holiday Garlands

Three New Holiday Garlands

White Pom Pom/Snow Garland
I used these white pom poms last year to make hanging snow garland (here ). This year I've done a slight variation of that with no spacing of the pom poms and used regular thread instead of a clear fishing line. It's a cheaper version of felt ball garland. I love the simple white. And they're incredibly easy and quick to make. Just string em up like popcorn. 
*loving my wacom tablet/any excuse to use it
Leather Triangle Garland
I like using a variety of colors
I still have a big bag full of different shades of leather and thought a little triangle garland would be awesome. I didn't even use a template. I like the uneven, not so perfect look of free handing them. Then I just sewed them together. Very quick. I love the way they turned out. And they're not specific to a holiday. This garland will likely stay up for many more months if not all year.
Paper Punch Garland
I used a paper punch on old books and Anthropologie magazines to make this simple garland. I used a glue stick to attach two together on a hemp twine. This no-sew, incredibly cheap, garland is one of my favorites.  I actually use this garland year round. 


  1. Not sure if my last comment went through or not....but I LOVE the leather garland! There's no chance of you making another, eh? :) If so, shoot me a price - it'd be perfect on my tree! Thanks...

    1. Hello Natalie! I'm so glad you love my little leather garland, it's definitely one of my favorites. Unfortunately I don't have the free time to be able to make more but it's super easy to do! Get some scrap leather from a local leather shop, online (amazon), Michaels (usually in bags over by jewelry making supplies), etc and cut out triangles. I free handed all of mine and they came out perfectly. Make sure you have a strong enough needle on your machine and sew away! Good luck! And let me know if you have any more questions :) Feel free to share your project! I'd love to see it!
      P.S. I've sold other garlands and things like it on my instagram shop @shopardelle Keep an eye out or tag me on there and I'll tag you on the next one I find or make ;)
      Thanks so much, Ardelle